Our Team

Our team of strategic marketing consultants, IT enthusiasts and graphic designers are a perfect mix for what’s needed in a digital world. Duzio Ink was founded in 2008. In 2009, 20 years after the invention of the internet, Duzio Ink positioned itself to be a global marketing and advertising agency. Our passion and competitive nature drives our WIN-WIN-WIN mantra. We win only when our clients and their intended customers do.

Chris Canada

This Florida State University alum’s “win or go home” approach to advertising and marketing has brought success to clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Diageo, Gillette and others. Chris works to ensure that every single penny of your marketing budget is put toward its best use. “Maximum effort and maximum return” is just one of his many mantras.

In his spare time when this self-proclaimed “sports fanatic” isn’t watching or playing sports, he enjoys traveling. He’s on a continued mission to better understand different cultures, creative expressions, and marketing efforts.

Walter Tita

“The people we help do what they do for the same reason that we do…we all have families to support.  We should be mindful of that and do the most that we can do for them.” Walter is a network systems genius whose previous work includes aiding in the development and roll out IBM’s PureFlex system.

Harvey Jenkins

This family man and father of 3 was born in NC, raised in Tacoma, WA and schooled in the nation’s capital Washington, DC. He completed his undergraduate work at Howard University. His knack for creating and implementing sound plans earned him an early escalation into an executive leadership position at a Washington DC hedge fund. Seeing the need for a different approach to marketing and design, he spear-headed the creation of Duzio Ink Marketing.