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How to Integrate Your Email Marketing & Social Media

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Learn the Benefits of Combining Email and Social Media

business ideaEmail and social media are two of the biggest weapons marketers possess, and many are still unaware how to make them work well in concert with each other. These are complementary tools, and syncing them up can deliver results that you may not have thought possible.

So since it’s such a good idea, what are some of the ways you can leverage the best parts of each? Glad you asked! Here are 3 tips for integrating your email marketing with your social media.

3 Methods for Integrating Email and Social Media

Deploy social media sharing icons in your emails – This is very easy to do, and can yield great results. Facebook and Twitter users are the best at sharing your emails, between 30-40% for every 100 emails opened. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are tops for clicks on shared emails, averaging between 6.2 % (Facebook) and 7.9% (LinkedIn). Be sure to have these visible and prominent in your emails, because you want to encourage your readers to share. You’ll be surprised at just how many are willing to do so.

Collect opt-ins from Facebook and Twitter – A relatively new addition to both Facebook and Twitter is the capability to generate email signups straight from the platforms. You’ll need something appealing to give away, whether that is an ebook, whitepaper, webinar, video or something else. It is free on both platforms, (though you will be the Twitter ad troll to do this, but you don’t have to buy ads) and you can reach an entire new audience apart from your email list.

Run Retargeting Campaigns on Facebook and Twitter – Retargeting on its own is a great idea, but let’s take this one step further and run retargeting campaigns to people who actually click links in your emails. This can create a scenario where you can send highly targeted ads to people who’ve already expressed a high level of interest. Presently the best platforms for this type of campaign are on Facebook and Twitter.

Use these 3 tactics for integrating email and social media and before long you’ll be harvesting the best of both worlds!

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