About Duzio Ink

Calligraphy which literally means beautiful writing is only as effective as the positioning of the pen. When the pen is not held at the proper angle with the right amount of pressure, or the correct precision of the stroke, the desired writing is not achieved. The same is true in marketing your business. The key to establishing a successful business is dependant upon not only the instrument used to market it, but also on the skill of the marketer.

Duzio Ink is to marketing as calligraphy is to the pen.

The term DUZIO pronounced “Do-Z-oh” is an acronym for our purpose, character and responsibility toward and for each client.

The Name “Duzio”

We outlined who wanted to be to your clients and let that outline determine the name for our collaboration. The name is an acronym that reflects our purpose, character and responsibility.

Driven: being under compulsion, as to succeed or excel.
syn: ambitious, motivated, focused.

Uplifting: to lift up, raise, elevate.
syn: inspiring, elevating, enriching.

Zealous: enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance.
syn: passionate, fanatical.

Innovative: to introduce something new, make changes in anything established.
syn: groundbreaking, pioneering, inventive.

Optimistic: disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.
syn: hopeful, positive, confident

What We Do

We create an ingenious strategic marketing plan for each strategic marketing client that is nothing short of beautiful. “Let there be light” and at 186,000 miles per second, light is still moving through the universe. This is our inspiration in every strategic marketing and creative design project. We create to achieve astronomical results. We are in the business of applying visual ideas and elements in ways that increase and enhance communication between our clients and their audiences.


Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing as defined by Duzio Ink is the science of planning and conducting campaigns or platforms that make products and services visible and available to the people who want them. We’ll take you to your target market and if that’s not the best approach…we’ll bring your target market to you.

Creative Design

We define Creative Design as having the originality, imagination and skill to cause to come into existence an intended purpose. From meaning we create form.