5 Ways to Extend The Reach of Your Content

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Check Out These 5 Tips for Better Content Promotion

City 1 - Blurry NightThere are two big things you need if you want to do business on the internet. One is to produce great content. There’s simply no way to do business if you can’t create the content that people want to see. The other is to reach as many people as possible with that content.

The major stumbling block to most content doing the job it was created to do is the lack of eyeballs on it. Creating the content is only half the battle: you need to actively promote that content for all you’re worth to have it to reach as many people as possible. Your content is only as good as how widely it’s shared.

So how can you extend your content’s reach? Let’s have a look at 5 ways you can do just that!

5 Ways to Promote your Content

Email your list – Letting people who already know and trust you know about your new content is a no-brainer. Send them an announcement with a link to your new content, and ask them to share it with anyone they know who might be interested.

Post on Social Media – Your social media channels can also be a goldmine for traffic. Make a short post, again encouraging them to share and comment, and drop in a link. Since we don’t always know who has a large following, this can result in quite a few visitors.

Place Ads on Social Media – Social media channels can be a great place to advertise. Often it is very low-cost, and highly targeted. Especially try Facebook and Twitter. A recent wrinkle is the mobile ad platforms, where large amounts of traffic can be had for mere pennies!

Use Content Amplification Services – Have you ever seen links on web pages that are headlines linking to articles out on the Web? These are most likely coming from content amplification services like Outbrain or Taboola. You can see your headline on major sites you could never hope to get on otherwise, sites like USAToday, FoxNews, ABC News, CNN, ESPN and many others. And, you are only charged when people click through to your page.

Place on Promotional Sites – There are many more sites out there that get a great deal of attention and where you can place your links. Sites like Inbound.org, Snip.ly, Scoop.it, Slideshare, BlogEngage, Triberr and AllTop are all terrific places to place links to your content, and many of these are free as well!

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