Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.

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Our Team

Chris Canada

“The best way to reach your audience is to find what incentivizes them. What motivates them to take an action toward your message? Speak to your audience according to what incentivizes them.” Chris has a knack for creating productive ad campaigns with this approach as a basis.

Harvey Jenkins

“Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.” Harvey believes in developing relations based on trust built through hard work, persistence and being consistent in word and action. Prior to his career in marketing he served as an officer in the USAF and a Director of Commercial business at a major DC Hedge Fund.

Walter Tita

“The people we help do what they do for the same reason that we do…we all have families to support. We should be mindful of that and do the most that we can do for them.” Walter is a network systems genius and aided in the development and roll out IBM’s PureFlex system.


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